Drawn by Ortal using phages on lawns of P. aeruginosa, Staph aureus and Serattia

The data of the IBP is published and will be updated frequently

Ortal got the Stuart Fishman prize for for excellence

We thank Dr Fishman for his generosity and the committee for recognize the  excellence of Ortal 

June 2020

It was submitted to the ISF IPMP program. We thank our collaborators Ran Nir-Paz, Michal Baniyash and Daniel Barkn.for helping with this grant.

May 2020

This paper described our phage "bank" and the vision behind it

May 2020

PASA16, the Pseudomonas' terror! Participated already in 5 treatments! 3 in by us in Israel.

This phage was isolated and studied by Sivan Alkalai - Oren who gave it its name (SA for Sivan Alkalai) and Keren Adler.

It was "cleaned and prepared by APT for use in humans.

Dec 2019

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ronen hazan lab phage therapy israel
ronen hazan lab phage therapy israel

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